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Commando Droid - Full Size

Commando Droid - Full Size

This is a full size Commando Droid.

All parts are 3D printed and arms can be moved/positioned.

Waist will turn

Not all parts will be fixed as this needs to be assembled after shipping but this makes the droid pack away.

Droid can stand on its own but its suggested you fix it if your displaying it.

I can also provide a  blaster if required but please reach put to me for that

Standard paint job is as shown but i can paint whatever colour you wish

This is a Epic piece and stands out in a crowd

  • Retruns & Refunds

    This item is made from scracth so a refund is not offered, however you will be in constatnt communication with me so we will be able to work things out

8-10 weeks
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